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VisualVault is a cloud-based, highly configurable content management platform that is well-suited to process high-volume transactions. The platform is designed to automate manual processes and transform data and document-intensive processes in order to deliver enormous increases in efficiency that positively impact your business through cost savings and demonstrable improvements in productivity. Beyond these gains is operational efficiency, VisualVault also delivers dramatic improvements in management's ability to view and understand critical metrics that define business processes. This visibility, delivered via our Actionable Analytics offering, gives leadership the real-time view of the data required to inform critical decisions.

The platform is defined by five components that collectively address a broad range of information management challenges across industries. Some of the country’s largest healthcare providers, government agencies and public corporations rely on the VisualVault platform to successfully run their operations.


Advanced Capture

The capture and structuring of data is central to the success of enterprise content management practices -- and the VisualVault platform allows you to easily acquire paper documents, electronic files, data from forms and other documentation.

Our capture tools start with industry-leading scanning software and extend to a host of import utilities, and advanced character recognition software.

Whether high volume or low volume capture, private or public sources, VisualVault capture capabilities are the first step in giving you a consolidated digital view of all of your data.


Document Analysis Engine

The VisualVault document analysis engine is capable of consuming data in a variety of formats from multiple sources -- and indexing vast quantities of data – elastically allocating computing resources as needed.

The VisualVault engine can extract designated data elements, review documents to determine completeness and initiate processes to drive progress and task completion. This happens on the scale of millions of documents a day for some of our clients.


Intelligent Forms

Intelligent Forms, or iForms, help transform the way inbound information is captured. Employing this VisualVault solution is the first step in efficiently and cost effectively automating business processes.

The Drag and Drop iForms designer allows users to design interactive forms that accommodate the efficient and error-free collection of data. Once input, data is automatically validated and the system assures that all required fields have been completed.

Whether a citizen is initiating an online request for government services or an HR professional is collecting new employee information, iForms deliver a level of utility, flexibility and efficiency that transforms data collection and verification.


Workflow Automation

Our workflow automation solution is the engine that drives action in the workplace.

This user-friendly utility allows users to define how documents and data flow from constituent to constituent – collecting the necessary information and approvals along the way – all pointing to the successful and expedient completion of a task.

While an efficient flow of data is the primary benefit of this solution, comprehensive reporting and analytics that reflect the full picture of how those documents and data flow is an invaluable benefit.


Actionable Analytics

The VisualVault analytics engine is capable of combining data extracted from documents, workflow meta data and data acquired during the processing of documents – making it uniquely capable of delivering rich business insights.

And with business users able to define data streams, data sets and associated rules – departmental and executive leadership can custom-design unique Analytics functions that best serve their business needs.

Able to identify meaningful changes in data, behavior and trends in near-real time, VisualVault Actionable Analytics is far more than data analyzed and presented – it’s a source of predictive intelligence and infinite business value.

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