Streamline HR Processes
Improving Productivity

For Managing HR Data, a 1-2 Punch Is the Answer

Human Resources continues to become a more complex and difficult to manage environment every day. Data is proliferating and it’s coming from more sources and in more formats than ever before. But, even with an ideal HRIS solution and proactive, professional management of this challenge, you really aren’t in a position to successfully manage all of your HR data and achieve superior information governance because there is simply too much data that resides outside your HRIS.


However, taking your HRIS and going through the simple integration process with VisualVault begins to get you very close to all of the functionality required to capture, view manage and act upon all of your HR data effectively (structured and unstructured) – in a single digital interface.The integration between your HRIS and VisualVault can yield:

  • The ability to access information more quickly
  • Reduced administration and manual processing time
  • A decreased risk of data loss, restoration costs, compliance fines and audits
  • Increased accountability, accuracy and insight

Eliminating Paper & Improving Efficiency With iForms

Managing the use of paper will always be a combination of getting rid of as much as possible and then figuring out what to do with the bit that still exists. Regardless of how little there is, it has to be dealt with and dealt with efficiently – and that’s the first step to the ultimate solution.


One of the central means of eliminating paper is through the use of VisualVault’s Intelligent Forms (iforms). iforms are an easily customized means of capturing and importing data from multiple sources from the beginning of processes (onboarding, status changes, etc) rather than capturing data manually and subsequently entering it manually into your HRIS. With iforms, you can streamline data collection processes and then send that key data to the core HRIS systems without human intervention. VisualVault’s contextual presentation of i-Forms and content dramatically improve the user experience for these processes, while making them auditable for compliance and increasing productivity of the HR team by 60-80%.


Automate HR Processes Without Changing Your HRIS System

VisualVault supports your on-going efforts to automate HR processing by providing a complimentary tool to your HRIS that is cost efficient, configurable, and not only accelerates the initial populating of and routing of documents but also the subsequent routing of those documents.


With our advanced business process automation technology, the routing of documents can be made automatic – ushering documents and forms through the necessary reviews, approvals and revisions automatically and quickly.


Analytics That Guide Decisions

Having collected and housed all data in one digital location, a world of possibilities is created in terms of data, reports and insights. When data existed in multiple places or when it was clear that no data set was complete, you weren’t in a position to come away from the data with insights that you’d use to drive important business decisions.


With all data aggregated it can be analyzed by the VisualVault analytics engine and presented graphically using our Actionable Analytics feature. And perhaps most notably, that consolidated data can be easily programmed with triggers that issue proactive notifications regarding important data that requires a response.

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