Born in the cloud, VisualVault is a highly-configurable, low-code PaaS platform that delivers consumer app-like experiences for office and mobile devices. Central to VisualVault’s appeal across the higher education market is the ease with which our platform integrates with existing technology solutions and consolidates data; delivering a single source of the truth. This is especially important for higher education systems, where a single dashboard provides a 360-degree view of all relevant data for students, faculty, and administration.

VisualVault supports the entire campus ecosystem with an intuitive, ultra-connected user experience. The campus user community enjoys access to self-service, app-like capabilities. Intelligent automation streamlines individual department processes and allows data sharing without sacrificing previously-established department language and proven processes. VisualVault enables the administration, faculty and staff, students, and alumni to engage, collaborate and quickly access the data, services and processes they seek.


Managing Student Data to Deliver Superior Services

VisualVault’s document and process management solutions serve your students as well as university employees. Students benefit with immediate and convenient access to a comprehensive set of data and the ability to execute processes online. Employees are equipped with the solutions that allow them to serve the student body more effectively, create reports, respond to audits more easily and drive inefficiency out of a host of other business processes.

Education Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Accuracy, efficiency and speed are the name of the game in Enrollment Management and in order to process the huge volume of records, Admissions, Financial Aid and other groups require the best possible digital solutions. With VisualVault as your platform, you’ll be able to help these groups develop applications to consolidate, utilize and report upon the rapid flow of student enrollment data.

  • Admissions Processing
  • Transcript Capture
  • Transfer Course Evaluation
  • Registrar Forms and Processing
College Administration

College Administration

While much of the focus of digital transformation initiatives surrounds student-centric processes, the running of the business of the university also requires modern digital solutions. VisualVault can deliver the low-code no-code tools required to build custom solutions as well as a range of ready-made solutions such as HR applications, faculty onboarding and curriculum management.

  • Human Resources
  • Faculty Onboarding
  • Curriculum Management
Student Services

Student Services

The evolving needs and demands of the market are among the key drivers of change and Student Services is no exception. Students today are conditioned to expect immediate online access to data and online services for anything and everything that they’re seeking, whether it’s related to admissions, financial aid, onboarding, advising or housing. With VisualVault, you’ll have a solution that delivers access to documents online and processing/signatures delivered with easy to implement workflow automation solutions.

  • Student Portal
  • Onboarding
  • Advising
  • Student Health
  • Housing
  • Billing


An Environment That Demands Digital Transformation

The size, complexity and profile of the work done at academic medical centers brings a heightened focus on digital transformation initiatives. And VisualtVault is a logical partner as you move forward in that important digital journey given the technical excellence of our ECM platform as well as the depth of experience we possess in the Healthcare industry. Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world rely on VisualVault for important patient data management and digital business process management functions.

Licensure Management

Licensure Management

VisualVault excels in the arena of licensing and the management of the breadth of processes and documents associated with the complete lifecycle of all of the tracking, certifications and renewals required to ensure compliance.

  • Provider Credentialing
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Streamlined Licensing
Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

As an open, cloud-based platform (that adheres to the strictest security standards) simple integration with your HRIS is central to aggregating a comprehensive set of HR data that can kick off automation processes and successfully drive the completion of a breadth of forms and processes.

Patient Services

Patient Services

With a breadth of both healthcare solutions and financial services applications, VisualVault is well-suited to deliver both the data and services your patients require. And VisualVault is well-suited to deliver the quality data and processes that allow financial transactions to seamlessly flow between patients, payors and your medical center.

  • Patient Referral Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Case Management
  • Chart Acquisition
OnCall Operations Management

OnCall Operations Management

Our physician on-call solution allows for an app-less, secure mobile exchange of data between physicians and the medical center. The solution automates and streamlines the scheduling of physicians and the proactive sharing of medical data and images; concurrently improving both operations and patient care.


Collecting, Organizing and Employing Critical Data

Athletic and Alumni Services are defined by their unique roles but they share the same core requirements with traditional university functions like student services. Ultimately, every group needs to collect data, organize it, put it to use and report upon it. Whether you’re seeking data and digital process solutions for engaging with athletes or alumni, VisualVault is a platform that can modernize and improve department operations.

Athletic Department

Athletic Department

Collegiate athletics are strictly governed and come under significant scrutiny. As a result, it’s critical that data is managed aggressively so that there is superior visibility, sophisticated reporting and effective compliance measures in place around critical topics like recruitment, academic standing and eligibility.

  • Recruiting Forms
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
Alumni Services

Alumni Services

Alumni Services is an arena that puts a premium on the management of data over time, as they work to manage and update the profile and activities of prospective students, students and alumni as they progress from stage-to-stage over many decades. VisualVault sophisticated records management solutions, workflow and analytics collectively deliver the capabilities required.

  • Donor Services
  • Gift Processing
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