VisualVault is a cloud-based SaaS solution that’s powerful, easy to deploy, flexible and licensed in a progressive-minded way that allows all parties to have access and work within the system. Whether it’s hospital management, doctors, patients or any other stakeholder involved in critical, high-value processes, VisualVault possesses the capabilities required to improve operations, manage data and deliver insights.

Effectively transforming a broad range of business processes, VisualVault is well-suited to:

  • Legacy Data Archiving
  • Patient Referral Management
  • OnCall Operations Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Chart Acquisition
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Case Management
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Streamlined Licensing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Status Change Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Performance Evaluations


Patient Referral Management

Patient Referral Management
Chances are that only six out of ten referrals that are made within your network are successfully booked.

Those lost patients translate into a major loss of revenue, as they either seek care outside the network or simply never book and receive follow-up care.

Daily Management Dashboard
With the integrated dashboard, Managers are provided with a view of every referral episode, providing a real-time view of status and the ability to track the making of appointments.

A simple color-coded interface shows referrals that are in process and referrals that potentially require intervention. At a glance, managers can see key data such as when a referral was entered, when the referral was acknowledged, when the patient was contacted and finally, when the appointment was confirmed. This dashboard is the graphic presentation of the closed digital workflow automation loop that this solution delivers.

The Patient Referral Analytics function delivers both daily program managers and executive management with a clear view of program trends and operations over time. The Analytics function concurrently provides a high-level overview of the program as well data by individual practice.

Among other things, this functionality can highlight the percentage of referrals declined, accepted and where there was no response – ultimately providing critical insights in to patient leakage by location.

The Advantage of Mobile
An enormous part of the equation of optimizing the number of executed referrals is ensuring that the process is clear and simple for the patient being referred. The VisualVault solution takes advantage of app-less mobile communication (nothing to download) as the focus of patient engagement.

The patient receives a text from the physician practice and a simple patient acceptance via mobile moves the process forward. Subsequent communications such as reminders and directions to the physician office and also delivered via mobile.

Legacy Data Archive

Legacy Data Archive
Our Legacy Data Archive solution allows you to consolidate patient records from multiple EMRs under a single platform.

VisualVault is well-suited to accommodate patient records; maintaining the structure and integrity of the data housed in the EMR. Additionally, once all legacy records are consolidated on VisualVault, they are more easily accessible and searchable should they need to be referenced.

And perhaps of greatest importance, archiving all of your legacy patient records from multiple EMRs will allow you to retire the old EMRs, saving substantial licensing fees and time associated with ongoing maintenance.

Many of the largest healthcare providers in the US employ VisualVault for this critical data management function.

Patient Health Analytics

Patient Health Analytics
Successfully delivering healthcare in the new “Population Health” paradigm requires the connection of information across your entire network.

Patient data lives everywhere and with VisualVault, it can be securely accessed and aggregated across all points of care, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Specialty Physicians
  • Home Health
  • Imaging Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

The VisualVault Patient Health Analytics offering gives your IT department a set of advanced tools designed to perform predictive analysis on enormous sets of clinical data gathered from multiple EMRs from every corner of your organization. This is the type of data that yields the trends, conclusions and insights that ultimately lead to superior patient care.

Downtime Elimination

Downtime Elimination
VisualVault’s Downtime Procedure Facilitation minimizes the consequences of EHR downtime that is the result of power outages, weather crises, malicious system interference and other catastrophic events.

A new and significant addition to Disaster Recovery (DR) plans, employing the VisualVault platform as a cornerstone of your proactive system backup initiatives allows you deliver fully-informed care in the midst of crises. And for your critical associated services such as Pharmacy and Lab orders, they’re also made available during system downtime.

OnCall Operations

On Call Operations
Your on-call physician program is likely not…efficient.

On-call physician programs require a lot of moving pieces and no one has defined, automated and optimized these moving pieces until now. And inefficiency is not the only result of the largely manual, non-digital processes. Those same manual processes that result in inefficiency also result in a lack of visibility.

The VisualVault solution is a cloud-based, mobile-centric product that automates and organizes the processes associated with managing on-call physicians, delivers valuable process insights and lowers costs. All steps in the process are captured and documented – and ultimately presented in a simple, elegant interface.

Management Dashboard
Managers with hourly and daily responsibility for managing the on-call physician program are presented with a constantly updated status of every patient consultation – showing physician requests and responses in real time.

The status of each physician engagement is defined by a simple green, red or yellow status marker indicating what is proceeding smoothly and what may require attention.

Program managers and executive management will benefit from a sophisticated analytics function that provides a clear view of operations and related insights across time. Having this visibility is a central part of identifying deficiencies and informing decision-making that results is savings and ultimately enables improved patient care.

Secure Communications
Prior to now physicians often showed up at the ER with no insight regarding the condition of the patient or limited insight based on informal, non-HIPAA compliant exchange of information via text or email. The VisualVault solution provides for a secure app-less mobile exchange of critical patient information and images such as x-rays.

Now, ER staff and physicians can exchange critical patient data simply, securely and earlier in the process.

Online Scheduling
Of course, part of our comprehensive on-call operations solution is an intuitive and simple to use online scheduling tool. This tool ensures that schedules are complete, confirmed and is simple and nimble enough to accommodate constant changes.

Contract Management
Regardless of how good the product that gets used daily is, if physician contracts aren’t in order there are going to be operational issues. This part of the solution helps make sure that physician contracts are all current and executed. The contracts are hosted in our cloud-based platform and programmed to initiate necessary workflow automation when reviews, renewals and approvals are required.

Patient Care Summary

Patient Care Summary
EHRs don’t claim to solve every patient data need that the market requires. And there are valuable patient data solutions that they simply can’t deliver.

One of those is a Patient Care Summary that delivers a composite view of all episodes of patient care within your network and across EHRs. VisualVault is capable of auto-compiling a full synopsis of the patient’s health led by a topline overview of the patient’s last appointment.

Credential & Licensure Management

Patient Health Analytics
Training, certifying and licensing healthcare workers is of paramount importance so the efficiency and accuracy of the process can’t be sub-par.

The VisualVault platform is well-suited to deliver the organization and automation of a broad range of processes as well as a variety of functionalities that serve a variety of stakeholders associated with this process.

The VisualVault solution delivers:

  • End-to-end management of physician, provider and resource credentialing and review
  • Centralized management of practitioner certificates, licenses, training and competency reviews
  • License and certification validation across primary all sources
  • Automation of committee review processes
  • Payer enrollment
  • Ability to serve as the centralized source of functionality across all systems

Chart Acquisition Platform

Chart Acquisition
The Chart Acquisition Platform improves the efficiency of claims processing and billing by helping hospitals and physician services organizations automatically analyze the completeness of charts, identify deficiencies and kick-off workflow automation early in the process designed to address those deficiencies.

The Chart Acquisition Platform also gives administrators the ability to gain insights into the overall performance of a claims department; allowing them to identify areas for business optimization. This solution reduces the time it takes to deliver completed charts to payers from weeks to days; dramatically reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Timely Filing Denials and related write-offs become largely a thing of the past.

Accounts Receivable Workdown

Accounts Receivable Workdown
In addition to managing patient clinical data, patient accounting data can’t be ignored. Similar to the scenario where multiple EHRs are in operation, there are often multiple accounting systems in operation – often the result of acquisitions.

With active receivables present in these systems, the risk exists of that data becoming inaccessible or disappearing as the result of system failure or system sunsetting and the accounts becoming uncollectable as a result. This unnecessary risk can be avoided by consolidating records within VisualVault where the data is protected and easily accessible as ongoing collections efforts commence.

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