VisualVault counts many of the top studios among its clients. And there’s a good reason for it. We’ve come to know the industry, its intricacies and how to deliver the control and visibility that studio management has been seeking as it works to bring greater efficiency to its operations. And our content services platform is cloud-based so its easy to implement and is a breeze to access and leverage remotely from the field.

Capture and Collect in a Digital Format

Enterprise content management has always been a challenge for the entertainment industry because of the volume of high-value, multi-party projects that are being executed in a variety of field locations concurrently. And all of these productions are creating important data and documents in real-time, much of it created manually on paper. VisualVault possesses the necessary technology to both transition the paper to structured digital information and put new technology in place that seamlessly minimizes the reliance on manual processes and physical paper. When there is important data on paper that needs to be captured digitally and put to work, our ICR/OCR technologies can identify and extract critical pieces of information and feed them into specific fields – allowing for comprehensive compilation of data, reporting and analytics as well as serving as triggers for workflow automation processes. And one of the central tools of the platform is our Intelligent Form technology (iforms). Our easily customizable iforms can be employed in place of historically paper-centric processes in order to collect information in a digital form from the start. So, whether employees, contractors or partners are filling in iform fields or intelligent character recognition is extracting data from a paper document and pushing it into an iform, the combination of these technologies delivers a means of capturing data in a digital format. This is the key to visibility, insights, better processes and ultimately more efficient business.

Initiate Processes & Route Documents

In addition to capturing data, getting it to the right place at the right time in an efficient way is critically important. That’s where workflow automation solutions come in. No and low-code workflows can be easily constructed by IT and users via our simple, graphical workflow builder. For example, Production Finance has a long list of documents and forms that are generated over and over again with each production. Whether they are accounts payable documents, payroll-related, purchase orders, travel authorizations or anything else, all of these documents can be ushered through the review and approval process automatically with little human intervention. And each step is logged and viewable; culminating in a digital signature or whatever other means of approval is required. This business process automation functionality extends across departments so that Legal, HR and Finance, among others, are well-coordinated and operations integrated.

Safe & Sound, In-Transit and At Rest

Gathering data, getting it in a usable format and getting it routed to the right place are all big jobs and central to making dramatic gains in efficiency. But, if all that data is not safe and sound, there’s bound to be trouble. With VisualVault, you can rest assured, your data is safe. All data is end-to-end encrypted. Access levels are easily designated and password-protected so you can control security based on a user’s permissions. And, of course, our platform is SOC2-compliant so you are well-prepared to not only easily respond to audits with ready-made and customizable reports, you’ll also meet the vast majority of all audit-mandated security protocols by virtue of the platform’s baseline security parameters.
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