Workflow Templates

Workflow templates are used to save repetitive workflows which can either be used to append to existing workflows or for Ad Hoc workflows. Workflows can be saved and given user-defined names. Upon selecting the appropriate workflow, the templates are accessed via: Workflow Commands - Workflow Templates.

Creating Workflow Templates

A workflow template is a commonly used workflow that the user can save and apply when creating other workflows as needed. Workflow templates are only available to the user who created the workflow template. Users can template an existing workflow from an existing process for themselves.

In order to create a Workflow Template, from the VisualVault Workflow designer you will create a series of tasks that you want included in that template. Once the series of tasks are configured, you will select Workflow Command and Workflow Templates menu item.

Workflow Command View


Next select New Template, key in the name of the template, and then click Save. This will save the template so that it can be accessible from any workflow designer screen.

New Template View

When a workflow template has task sequences configured with conditional assignments based on specific metadata, if the metadata is not present where you insert the template, then the metadata will be set to the first metadata associated with the folder or form where the template was inserted. Users will need to configure the conditional workflows to ensure they are working properly when inserted from a template.

Applying Workflow Templates

To apply the saved Workflow template, select the Task Sequence where you want the template inserted. Select Workflow Commands and Workflow Template, select the appropriate template, select the location to insert the task from the pull down menu. The template can be modified and re-saved as needed.

Insert Template View


Deleting and Replacing Workflow Templates

Delete a Workflow Template

Select Workflow Commands and Workflow Template. Select the template to delete then select Delete Selected.

Replace Selected Templates

Select a task then Select Workflow Commands and Workflow Template, select a template then select Replace Selected to replace the template with the current workflow configuration.

Delete and Replace View