Default Portal

When a user signs in to VisualVault, the first screen presented is the portal called My Vault (or the user is taken to a default screen configured in their User Preferences). In the default portal, each of the titled sections on the screen are called user controls. The VaultAccess group can administer the portal view, and can write custom user controls. It is a recommended standard procedure that a test portal is created and tested with custom user controls before assigning those controls to production portals.

The default portal available within VisualVault has a series of five controls configured into it. These controls are:

  • Open Projects - Shows a list of open projects that the user has accessed.

  • My Searches - Shows a list of Saved Searches.

  • User Task List - Provides an interface for the user to complete workflow tasks.

  • My Last Used Documents - Shows the last 5 documents the user has accessed.

  • Frequent Used Documents - Shows a list of documents recently accessed by other users.

Open Projects

This control displays a list of up to five open projects that have been accessed by the user. These are displayed in alphabetical order. Users can open the project by selecting the link in the Name column. To view all open projects select Show Projects from the Projects menu.

Open Projects View

Refer to Projects for more information.

My Searches

The My Searches portal control displays saved searches that were created by the user or shared by other users.

My Searches View

For more information on creating saved searches, please refer to How to Create a Saved Search.

User Task List

User Task List is the portal control where assigned workflow tasks will be visible to review and complete.  From this control you will be able to open the form or document, look at the task history, look at comments from other tasks or complete multiple tasks at once. In VisualVault 4.0, the task types are grouped together on four different tabs: Tasks (Serial and Parallel Tasks), Approvals, Training, and Training Approval.

User Task List View

To complete your tasks, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Task Tab.

  2. Open the Document or Form using the icon for the form or document type.

  3. When you are ready to complete your task, expand the task panel by selecting the arrow to the left of the task. 

  4. Key in your comments.

  5. Select Approve.

You can also complete multiple tasks by expanding each task panel, key in your comments, check the check box next to each task you want to complete, then select the appropriate button at the top of the User Task List (Approve, Deny or Complete).

The Search button allows you to search for certain types of tasks in the task list.

The Start Tasks button allows users to start working on queue mode type tasks. The Return Tasks button allows users to return a task to the workflow task queue so that other assigned users might work on the task. 

My Last Used Documents

This control displays a list of the last documents accessed (viewed, or modified details) in descending order by date and time accessed. The icon represents documents that are currently checked out by a user. Users can select the    to email links of the document to peers. The last five documents are shown that have been accessed over multiple sessions of using VisualVault. The number of documents displayed cannot be changed.

My Last Used Documents View

Refer to the Document Library and Documents for more information on storing documents in VisualVault.

Frequent Used Documents

The Frequently Used Documents control represents a panel that displays documents recently accessed in VisualVault by other users. Only documents that you have access to view will be displayed in this control in the portal. The check mark () icon represents documents that are currently checked out by a user. The number of items shown in this control cannot be modified.

Frequently Used Documents View

Refer to the Document Library and Documents for more information on storing documents in VisualVault.