Apply Security to Subfolders

Applying security to all subfolders has changed compared to version 2.6 of VisualVault. In version 2.7 or later applying security works in the following ways:

  1. Only added or removed security items are applied to the subfolders.

  2. Security will be applied throughout the tree even if a user does not have owner rights to a sub folder.

  3. To reset the security on all subfolders, you need to add in all the possible Users or Groups who have rights to the parent folder and select return. Then remove the security from the parent folder, and the apply security to all subfolders.

Warning: Be cautions in this process that you do not remove your owner rights to the folder if you were only an owner of the folder.

When security has been configured on a Document ID Card, this process will not remove that security. Security applied at the granular level of the Document ID Card must be removed through the security tab of the card.

Security can be reset by Owners and Administrators on all subfolders including subfolders where a user does not have rights. Refer to the Folder Security topic for more information.