Portal Creation

To begin creation of a portal, navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Portals. A list of created portals will appear on the left side of the screen. The following are steps to create a portal and assign it to be used by VisualVault Users:

  1. Register any custom modules if necessary.

  2. Create any number of portal tabs to be used in the portal.

  3. Layout each Portal tab in the Layout Designer.

  4. Add a portal (See topic below).

  5. Assign Portal Tabs to the Portal. (See topic below).

  6. Assign users to see the portal if it is to be used by a narrow set of users.

  7. If the portal will be used as a system default, set it up as a default portal.

Add a Portal

To add a portal:

  1. Select New Portal.

  2. Key in the portal name.

  3. Select Add Portal button.

At this time you can now assign portal tabs to the portal.

Portal List View

Assigning Users to a Portal

Users can be assigned to one or more portal configurations using the Portals tab - Assign link. This area allows you to assign Users, Sites or Groups to a portal configuration. When users log in they will only see the primary portal. You can set a specific portal to be the default portal for all users who are not assigned to a Portal.

By default a group called Default User Portal is created during the installation. This default group is the default portal assigned to all users who log in to VisualVault. The steps to assign users to a portal are as follows:

Create Portal Group and Assign a Portal:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Portals.

  2. Select the Assign link next to the Portal.

  3. Change the Select Users, Groups and Sites drop down list to the appropriate type of item.

  4. Select the item you want to assign from the left hand panel. Move to the right hand panel.

  5. Select Close.

Edit a Portal

Select the link to the portal under the Portal Name column. You can use the following screen to change the portal name or to assign portal tabs to the portal.

Review User Assignments to Portals

On the Portals tab of Portal Admin there is a button labeled List Users Assignments. This screen is a single place where you can go to understand if a User, Group or Site has a portal assigned to them. From this screen you can change which is the default portal for the user, groups or site if there are multiple portals assigned to that User, Group or Site. To assign the default portal, complete the following steps:

  1. As a VaultAccess user navigate to the Control Panel - Administration Tools - Portals area.

  2. Select List Users Assignments.

  3. Select the correct tab for the item (Users, Groups, or Sites) you want to review.

  4. For a User, Group, or Site that has multiple portals, select the portal you wish to be default from the drop down list on the left hand side.

  5. Select Save.

Notice the default portal drop down list shows how the portal was assigned in conjunction with the portal name. In the example below the Default User Portal was assigned at the site level.

List Users Assignments View

System Default Portal

Within VisualVault, any database that is created will have a default system portal. Administrators can change the default system portal to be their own configured portal. To change the default system portal that unassigned users will automatically receive, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with VaultAccess rights.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Portals.

  3. Select the Set as Default link next to the portal you want to be the default portal in the System Default column.

Portal View