Menu Library

The Menu Library refers to a listing of Menu Sets, or custom menu layouts that can be assigned for use within VisualVault. Only one menu set can be used or enabled at a time. A Menu Set is a layout of Menu Items. Menu Items can be organized in any manner that helps users interface with the business processes implemented in VisualVault. Administrators can configure each Menu Item to have certain functions, then they can assign those functions to certain users. Once a Menu Set has been configured, Administrators can Export the menu set so that it can be used in other installations of VisualVault or to backup the current configuration.

When discussing Menu Items, the following terms may be used:

  • Parent menu - any menu item that has one to many menu items branched under it.

  • Submenu - peer menu items grouped under a parent menu item.

  • Menu Item - each configurable and selectable item in a menu.