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Content continues to proliferate across the enterprise in an increasingly large number of formats. More people need to access to that content. And more of those people are accessing it from remote locations. The dynamics of technology and changes in the workplace have made sophisticated content management a necessity. From capture and categorization to workflow and analytics, VisualVault is an enterprise content management solution built for the modern workplace.


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VisualVault’s information management solutions integrate advanced capture, our proprietary document analysis engine, intelligent forms, workflow automation and a powerful analytics suite, Actionable Analytics, that provides an informative graphical view of critical business data and trends.

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Manage your Content & Improve Efficiency

VisualVault provides the tools you need to capture and manage documents, electronic records and business processes that cross departmental and global boundaries. Using VisualVault’s easy to configure platform, your organization will operate more efficiently – having content more easily accessible, automating processes and deriving valuable business insights from both real-time transactions and historical data.

Whether you’re a government organization seeking an efficient licensing portal for citizen usage, a hospital seeking a complex patient data management solution or a human resources manager attempting to collapse all employee data in single digital view, VisualVault is a flexible and powerful tool that delivers extraordinary leaps forward in efficiency and dramatic savings across a broad range of solutions and industries.


Capture at the Source

Acquire paper documents, electronic files, data in forms and other documentation at the source of where these items are generated. Using VisualVault, acquiring documents can take place exclusively through automated channels or a combination of automation and human intervention. The breadth of VisualVault capture tools starts with industry known scanning software and document import utilities. High volume or low volume capture, private or public sources, we can deliver solutions that streamline processes starting at the point where the data is sourced or generated.

Among the tools that are central to the automated identification and capture of volumes of data are Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These technologies take unstructured data from documents, extract that data and populate it in a structured, auto-readable format for review, routing and analysis.


Organization is Job #1

Data that is not organized is bad data. At VisualVault, we assign and leverage metadata to documents as a central means of organizing and grouping content in a way that is easy for users to consume. With data identifiable and accessible, it can then be leveraged to its full effect. One of the primary means of leveraging data is to incorporate it into workflow automation solutions.


Automation to Reduce Manual Processes

Adding automation to any part of your business process is key to reducing direct labor and improving the consistency of the business process. In addition to being cost-efficient, removing human intervention where possible will remove the possibility of data not being processed the same each time. And, valuable automation solutions can be applied throughout the entire life cycle of your content. Use automation as central means of intelligently organizing new content. Reduce labor by using workflow automation to move content through a prescribed process of reviews and approvals. At the end of the content lifecycle, use record retention rules and automation to delete, archive or purge content that is no longer needed.

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Retrieve Documentation When You Want

Use VisualVault’s user interface to streamline the consumption of information and enable your organization to find documentation when they want it. To streamline the consumption of content, securely publish panels of information to each team of people that is relevant and specific to the role they play in the organization. Your team can rapidly find documentation or check on the status of content to service customers by using the search fields placed on every screen.

Capturing information at the start of a business process in an ECM system like VisualVault allows for immediate access and traceability into the process. Organizing, searching and workflow enable your team to have information at their fingertips.

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Improved Visibility & Insights

Once you’ve gotten a real handle on your data – it’s in a digital format, it’s structured and it’s being put to use – you’re in a position to enjoy one of the ultimate benefits of having a real enterprise content management platform. That benefit is Analytics.

VisualVault’s Analytics offering is called Actionable Analytics. That name is indicative of the real business benefit that this part of our solution delivers – valuable visibility of real-time data and an easy to consume graphical view of trends in data over time. This dramatically improved view of data delivers management the insights and associated confidence in making real business decisions, taking action, that can have a direct positive impact on the business.

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