Partnerships That Deliver
Sustained Success

Why Partner with VisualVault?

When you’re choosing a technology partner, the two most important factors influencing your choice are invariably going to be capability and opportunity. Is the technology robust? Is the market for the product substantial? In addition, you’re going to make decisions based upon a view of long-term prospects for the partnership. And given the speed at which technology evolves, no one really has access to a reliable crystal ball. So, you also want to make your decisions based up flexibility and adaptability.

VisualVault is scores high on all three fronts. It’s a robust platform, engineered to process high-volumes transactions. It’s a proven technology for leading companies across industries. And it’s a low-code cloud-based platform capable of expanding, contracting and adding capabilities without substantial investment in time and money. In short, it’s a platform for the future and a smart choice for system integrators, VARS, and resellers.

Why Partner with VisualVault


Exceed Financial Goals
VisualVault's Intelligent Forms and workflow automation capabilities create an exponentially larger number of partner opportunities. Shorten development and "go-live" dates for complex projects

Monetize your Market Expertise for Sustained Profitable Growth
Tired of legacy software providers eliminating you from competitive opportunities with outdated Cloud pricing models? Now, easily transfer your organization’s market expertise to your sales team and watch the residuals build.

Configurable Technology Streamlines the Most Complex Business Process Challenges
VisualVault's dynamic i-Forms (intelligent forms), configurable workflows, and process modeling methodology competitively positions VisualVault partners in the Business Process Automation space. Our partners gain an edge in their respective markets by offering a platform of automation solutions built to positively impact customers’ businesses.

Cloud Technology Platform
Deploy in weeks, not years. Easy to change as requirements shift. Includes i-Forms and Workflow. Train sales teams on repeatable opportunities. Grow expertise and revenue quickly.

Enterprise Platform
Manage structured and unstructured content and data. Scalable load balancing eliminates processing bottlenecks. Unmatched performance when processing terabytes of content.

REST-based APIs deliver extensive capabilities. Integration to CRM, ERP and other core systems.

Partnership Opportunities

The leadership at VisualVault has been on both sides of partner programs, and understands that creating a positive, win-win partnership is the only path for sustainable success.

Partnership Opportunities


OEM Program

  • Software Providers, Regional System Integrators, Managed Service Providers
  • Compliments your existing product offering
  • Expand your footprint with current clients
  • The right solution to open white space sales
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Increase revenue and profits


Associate Referral Program
Consultants, Service Providers, Related Technology Providers

  • Help your clients save time and money
  • Automate the processes that are negatively impacting performance
  • Stay on the leading edge for your clients


Reseller Program
System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers

  • Strengthen your competitive position and improve your financial results
  • Leverage open API’s, modern technology platform, intelligent forms, workflow
  • Meet the growing demand for Cloud at the enterprise level
  • Customized program based upon your specific market requirements


Process Improvement Examples for Partners

Clients are quickly trending toward an expectation that they’ll be delivered a modern cloud platform that is easily deployable, scalable, flexible and simple to integrate. Given that VisualVault fits that technology profile, our partners quickly build a significant annuity stream.

Partner Process Improvement


Public Sector Process Improvements

  • Licensing
  • Complaint Management
  • Compliance & Enforcement
  • Service Provider Management
  • Automate Constituent Communication

VisualVault's i-Forms and Workflow Engine make up the core of the offering that delivers the above solutions.

Retire Legacy Systems

  • File Shares
  • Aging ECM systems
  • Electronic Medical Records Systems

VisualVault consolidates these systems into one unified and secure repository, saving client's money and opening new revenue opportunities for our partners.;

Human Resources Process Improvements

  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment
  • Communication
  • Performance Management

VisualVault fills the functional gaps of many HRIS and ERP systems.

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