Tabs in Projects

When you have Owner access to a project, you have the capability to modify the top tab layout to meet your business needs. You may want to categorize lists of documents, forms, or other types of controls to give greater visibility into a certain portion of a project. You can control the tabs so that certain users can only see certain tabs of the project. In this way you can publish a document to a customer who has viewer access, and you can have other tabs that display internal documentation for internal editor type users.

You can access the screens to layout the tabs by selecting the menu tab of a project. By default there are 6 tabs to each project. These default tabs are Details, Documents, Forms, Security, History, and Menus. As soon as you begin to assign Modules to configure tabs on the project layout, the default tabs are removed. You will need to assign the default tabs if you want them to be available. When the Menu tab is selected, the following screen appears.

Menus Tab View

In order to complete the custom tab layout you need to complete the following steps:

  1. In the Module Type drop down list select the appropriate type of Module. (Only modules published for project use are displayed.)

  2. Select an Available module from the drop down list in the Available Modules pane.

  3. Assign the module to the tabs pane by selecting the     button.

  4. Select the item to configure it in the tabs pane. The configuration appears in the right hand pane.

  5. Key in the Tab Label in the Displayed Text field.

  6. Select which users should view this tab.

  7. For the Document and Forms tab you can filter which type of items are displayed.

  8. Select Save Changes to save the configuration.

Tab Configuration View

Notice the tabs in the above image reflect the configuration that the user is completing. Refer to documentation on the VisualVault Custom Controls for more information on their purposes and configuration options.