Project Relationships

Projects help to bring together Documents and Forms so that they can be shared and organized to communicate information about a project. Document relationships can be established by uploading documents or by associating the project with existing documents. Form relationships in a project can be established with forms that have already been filled in. You need to know the form template and the field names to search for specific instances to associate with a project.

Associating Documents in a Project

When Uploading a Document

When uploading a document to the Document Library, select Advanced Options. Modify Advanced Options so the document will be associated with the desired project after being uploaded. See How to Add a New Document, or Document Upload Advanced Options for more information.

Upload within a Specific Project

Editor rights are required to upload a document.
  1. Navigate to the project from Open Projects, or the Projects Menu.

  2. Select the Project where you wish to associate documents.

  3. Select the Actions button and then select Upload New Document.

  4. Select the folder where the document will be uploaded.

  5. Select the files to upload then select next.

  6. Set the upload options by clicking on the pencil icon, and save any information changes if there are multiple documents.

  7. Select Save to Vault.

Associate Existing Documents

Documents may already exist within VisualVault which need to be related to the project. From within the Project - Documents tab:

  1. Choose the Actions button then select Modify Document Relationships.

  2. Search for specific documents to associate.

  3. Select available documents to be associated from the Available Documents Column.

  4. Use the  button to assign documents to the project.

  5. To remove, select the document from the Assigned Documents column and click the button.

  6. Once all the documents have been associated, click Finish to return to the project.

Archived documents remain visible in a project until they are disassociated from the project. You can associate an existing document, then check out and check in a new version from the project view if necessary.

Associating Forms in a Project

From within the Project

  1. Navigate to a project, then select the Forms tab.

  2. Select the Form Associations button to launch the Assign Forms to Projects Window.

  3. Select a Form template from the drop down list under Available Forms.

  4. Select one or multiple forms to associate with the project from the left hand pane.

  5. Select the  button to assign the forms to the project.

  6. Use the  button to remove forms as needed.

  7. Select Finish once all forms have been associated.

From the Form

To associate an already existing form to a project, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the form you with to associate through a Form Dashboard.

  2. Click the Edit link to edit the form and select the Projects tab.

  3. Select the Modify Related button to launch the Modify Related Projects screen.

  4. Select the project from Available Projects column and use the  button to associate the form to the project.

  5. Select the button to remove a form from a project after selecting from the Related Projects column.

  6. Select Close when done.

When Creating the Form

Forms can also be assigned directly to projects at the time they are first saved. This would be used in the event it was known that the form and project were related. The following steps associate a form to a project when it is created.

  1. Follow the steps for How to Fill-in a Form.

  2. Once the form is saved select the Project tab.

  3. Select the Modify Related Projects button to launch Relate Projects screen as above.

  4. Select the project from Available Projects and use the  button to associate the form to the project.

  5. Select the  button to remove a form from a project after selecting it from the Related Projects column.