Search buttons are placed on almost every screen in VisualVault to aid you in narrowing and searching for information you need quickly. The search supports specific columns or data that are found on that screen and may include other data not shown directly on the screen in some circumstances. To filter the records shown on the data pane do the following:

  1. Select the Search button (  )

  2. Select the data you want to search on.

  3. Select the type of condition or matching criteria for the search.

  4. Key in the text for the search.

  5. Click on Search.

If the results were not what you expected, you can select clear to show all the information. Select the Add Rows icon () to increase the complexity of your search and narrow the results even further. To remove complexity, remove criteria by selecting the button. The search will compare every character keyed in the text field. If a space is on the end of the text string the search will expect a space to match the criteria. By selecting the clear button, the criteria will all be cleared and the results will be reset to show all results. Users may group the search criteria by enclosing the criteria in parenthesis. By using the parenthesis, you can find documents or data that meet multiple types of criteria.

Search will remember how you filtered a screen during the current session that you are logged into VisualVault. Once you have logged off or navigated to a similar page, this information will be lost. Most searches look like the generic search below.

Generic Search View

Other searches may have greater complexity due to where they are placed in VisualVault. An example of a filter with greater complexity is the one used with the Document Library. Notice actions button is shown to the right of the Search in the toolbar. Additional filter fields may be in the filter to aid in showing or hiding records. Other areas where you will find special filters similar to this one will be in Projects to show open or closed projects. For every filter you can add additional criteria. You can use the and fields to group search criteria together to make more complex searches. One group below is circled in red while the other is circled in blue.

Document Library Filter View

In various document searches there will be an option called Full Text. This option will allow you to search for text inside of various document types as explained in the Full Text Search topic. VisualVault will default back to the contains condition when Full Text is selected. The search will execute for the scope of the filter.

If you are searching for folder paths, slashes may be required when used with an equal condition. For example if the folder named Documents is at the root of the Document Library set the Folder path equal to /Documents.