User Task List

User Task List is the portal control where your assigned workflow tasks will be visible for you to complete these assigned tasks.  From this control you will be able to open the form or document, look at the task history, look at comments from other tasks or complete multiple tasks at once.  In VisualVault 4.0, the task types are grouped together on 4 different tabs.  These tabs are Taks (Serial and Parrallel Tasks), Approvals, Training and Training Approval.

User Task List View

To complete your tasks, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Task Tab.
  2. Open the Document or Form using the icon for the form or document type.
  3. When you are ready to complete your task, expand the task panel by selecting the arrow to the left of the task. 
  4. Key in your comments.
  5. Select Approve.

You can also complete multiple tasks by expanding each task panel, key in your comments, check the check box next to each task you want to complete, then select the appropriate button at the top of the User Task List (Approve, Deny or Complete).

The Search button allows you to search for certain types of tasks in the task list.

The Start Tasks button allows users to start working on queue mode type tasks.  The Return Tasks button allows users to return a task to the workflow task queue so that other assigned users might work on the task.