VisualVault's form template designer allows you to re-create paper based forms as Web forms or design new Web forms using a familiar drag-and-drop design tool launched directly from your Web browser.

Scan a paper form and use the image as a background then simply drag-and-drop form fields into place above the scanned image.

Upon completion of a form template's design, the form template can be published allowing users to fill in forms (referred to a form records) form a Web browser; the form record's field data is available for review and reporting using VisualVault form dashboard features.  

Each form submitted using a form template becomes a permanent record, the individual form records maintain revision history and field level audit control designed to meet the needs of compliance processes.

Public users that have not authenticated to VisualVault may also fill in a form with no log in required. This is ideal for customer surveys, request for quote forms, etc. You can post the link to the form on a Web site or embed the link in an email. See Setting up a Form for Public Access for a detailed explanation.

The following definitions need to be understood when working with forms:

  • Form Templates - a template is the resulting form design used to template data entry of data.

  • Form Data Records- data captured from data entry or form fill-in that results in a form record.

  • Form ID- unique number assigned to each instance of form data captured from data entry. Documentation will refer to Form ID when selecting a single instance of data captured from entering data on one form.

Submitted forms are stored as records. The form fill-in results are not stored as documents but as records accessible from Form Data Dashboards.

Workflow may be applied to each form template allowing each individual form record to be routed dynamically depending upon its contents.  For example, a purchase approval (requisition) form workflow can be configured to route the form to different individuals or groups based upon the purchase amount, purchase type, etc.

See the following topics for help creating form templates.

How to Create a Form

Form Template Designer - Advanced Concepts

How to Set-Up a Form Workflow

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How to Delete Form Data

To view the data collected on a form use the Form Dashboard or Reports.

For more information on form security see Permissions - Forms and Form Security.