Restoring Documents

Users who have editor rights or higher can restore a document from the Recycle Bin. To restore a document use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Documents - Document Library.

  2. Select the Recycle Bin from the bottom of the tree view in the left hand pane.

  3. Select one to many documents from the right hand pane.

  1. Select Restore Selected from the third level menu to restore the files.

You can only select documents on the current pane for restore. If you select documents from the current pane and navigate to a secondary pane, all of your previous selections will be lost. It is recommended that you utilize the filter feature to show the documents you wish to restore.

When restoring documents that were part of a sub folder, the sub folder and parent folders up to the root level will be recreated. If you are restoring documents from multiple sub folders, all folders will be recreated as long as a document is being restored for each folder. Documents will be restored to an active status.

Sub folders will not be recreated during a restore if the sub folder previously deleted were blank, or if the documents are not being restored for a particular folder. In order to restore a folder structure that was deleted by using Delete Folder, you can restore it by restoring at least one file in each bottom sub folder.

Selecting the check box to the left of the Restore Selected button selects all the documents listed on the current screen.