Purging Documents

Documents can be purged from the Recycle Bin by members of the VaultAccess group by default. You want you can open up this capability so VaultAdmin users can also purge documents. If a user does not have the ability of purging documents, they will be prompted with a message stopping them from completing a purge action.

To purge a documents complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Documents - Document Library..

  2. Select the Recycle Bin in the bottom of the left hand pane.

  3. Select one to many documents from the right hand pane.

  4. Select the Purge Selected button from the third level menu.

Note: Administrators can purge all documents by selecting the Purge All button on the third level menu.

You can only select documents on the current pane for purge. If you select documents from the current pane and navigate to a secondary page, all of your previous selections will be lost. It is recommended that you utilize the filter feature to show the documents you wish to purge.

Purging documents from the Recycle Bin removes the ability to restore folder structures. Folder structures are only restored when a file is restored, so purging files removes past folder structure as well. A feature can be enabled to log who purged a document and when. This setting is enabled as part of the Purge Log in Server Settings.

Selecting the check box to the left of the Restore Selected button selects all the documents listed on the current screen.