Folder Properties

Owners and VaultAccess users can modify the properties of each folder where they have at least owner rights. These properties include the folder name, folder description, document view, document naming conventions, record retention settings, index fields, folder security, folder history, and folder workflows. Each of these functions are spread out across the six tabs of the folder properties.

Tabs of the Folder Properties

Folder Details

To access the properties of a folder select the folder from Document Library, then select the Folder Properties tab. The user can also right click on the folder and select properties. Properties that describe the folder are as follows:


  • Folder Name: The name displayed in Document Library. Must be unique name compared to other folders in the same level.

  • Description: A user-defined description of the purpose of the folder.

  • Manage Document Views: This button allows administrators to alter which information is listed in the folder's document list. In other words, it allows customization of the displayed columns in the document list.

  • Allow Revisions/No Revisions Allowed: These buttons allow the administrator to configure a folder to allow or disallow document revisions/deletions.

  • Inherit Naming Conventions from Parent Folder: This setting allows inheritance of the parent folder naming conventions. It is grayed out if the folder is a parent folder, or if the parent folder does not have a naming convention defined.

  • Use Document Naming Convention: enable or disable naming convention for documents added to the folder

  • Prefix: The prefix applied in the naming convention that comes before the sequence.

  • Sequence Start: Alphabetical or numeric character sequence of the naming convention that is incremented depending on increment type. 

  • Suffix: suffix applied to naming convention that follows the sequence string.

  • Date Insert: Setting that determines where to insert date to naming convention (optional).

  • Increment Type: Alphabetical or numeric character increment of sequence start field.

  • Test: Test the naming convention by showing a sample Doc ID using the currently configured naming convention rules.

  • Inherit Retention Rules from Parent Folder: Setting that allows for retention rules of the parent folder to be inherited to the current folder.

  • Enable Review: Sets up whether documents in the folder will be subject to automatic review dates.(optional)

  • Enable Expiration: Sets up whether documents will expire after a given number of days. (optional)

  • Default Days: Number of days when a document should be reviewed or expire (optional)

  • Background Service Expiration Action: What should happen when document expires (delete, archive, nothing)(optional)

  • Active Documents/Archived Documents: reporting of how many Document ID Cards are active or archived for the folder.

Folder Details Tab View

Index Fields

This tab in the folder properties manages which Index Fields are associated with the folder. Index fields related to the folder will appear in this list. Owners can also add or remove index fields from the list using the "Edit Index Field Relationships" button. Any index fields added to this list will be associated to all documents in the folder.

Admins will be able to create new index fields through the Manage Index Fields button, but the new index field will still need to be added to the list using the "Edit Index Field Relationships" button. For more information on index fields, visit the Index Fields page.

Index Fields Tab View


This tab manages the folder-level security. This list will display all the users who have folder access, as well as the level of permissions they have on the folder. This tab can only be viewed and modified by users with Owner permissions to the folder, or by administrators. Permissions can be modified using the "Modify Security" button.

More information regarding the folder-level security can be viewed on the Folder Security page.

Folder Security Tab View


The folder History tab is available when you select the Folder in the Document Library and select Folder Properties. Alternatively, you can right click on the folder and select Folder History. The history tabs logs the User ID, Date and Time for the following activities:
  • Creation Date

  • Folder Details Saved

  • Naming Convention Saved

  • Added/Removed User Security Rights

  • Move/Copy of Folder

Editor or Owner can view the folder history. Users can search the history log based on criteria that is displayed on the screen to view how often an action might be happening.

Note: When reviewing the history of folders being copied and moved, if it says "from \Attachment to " without the name of the to folder, it is moving or copying the folder to the root of the document library.

Folder History View

Workflow Approval

VisualVault allows owners of a folder to create workflows when they have a formal release, review, or expiration processes for documents.  These approval routes will be applied to every document placed in the folder.

Users with owner or admin rights are able to modify and enable these workflows. Enabled workflow routes will have a green light next to their event entry, while disabled workflows will have a red light.

The first possible workflow that can be configured to a folder is a Document Release workflow.  When enabled, this workflow will be applied to every new document that is added to the folder before the document is released.  The Document Release workflow will also be initiated when an incremental revision of the document is introduced to VisualVault with a released status or the document status changes to released.

The second configurable workflow for a folder is the Document Review workflow.  This workflow is initiated 10 days before the review date is reached.  If a review time frame is not configured in the retention rules of the folder, the workflow will not initiate.  The Document Review workflow is driven solely on the Document Review setting of the folder properties.  Refer to the topic on Record Retention for more information.

The third workflow for a folder is the Document Expired workflow.  This workflow is initiated 10 days before a document is to expire.  If the approval sequence is accepted then the document expires as soon as all votes are cast according to the voting configuration.  If the approval sequence is rejected, the expiration date will be reset.  For example, if a document expires in 360 days (on 12/1/2006) after being placed in the folder, and if the approvers reject the expiration of the document then the expiration date will be reset to 360 days in the future(12/1/2007).  It is recommended to not configure a return sequence on the negative outcome of a Document Expired workflow.

Workflow Approval Tab View

Current Workflows

Current Workflow displays the documents that are currently in any of the workflow processes in the folder.  When users view the current workflow, they will see information such as the start date of the workflow, the type of workflow, the current status of the workflow, the current percentage of workflow completion, the document ID of the document where the workflow takes place, and also the document's revision.  There will also be a link to view the configuration of the workflow.

Current Workflows Tab View