Folder Deletion

Only an Owner or VaultAccess users can delete folders. When a folder is deleted, all active documents organized within that folder are deleted as well. Folders with archived documents, or documents that have a pending status will not be deleted.

If any document were restored from the recycle bin the folder and its parent folder structure will be recreated as it was originally. If a top level folder containing subfolders were deleted, all subfolders and files within those subfolders will be deleted when deleting the top level folder. In the instance that a subfolder does not contain any documents, it can never be restored from the recycle bin. When a file is recovered from a subfolder, the subfolder where it resided and all above folders will be restored. If a folder has been deleted and a user attempts to create a new folder with the same name, the folder and its settings will be restored from the recycle bin.

There are several methods to delete a folder:

Deleting a Folder through the Folder Properties

  1. Navigate to the Document Library and select the folder you wish to delete.

  2. Go to the properties of the folder.

  3. Select the Delete Folder button.

  4. Click "Ok" at the prompt that appears.

Deleting a Folder using the Folder Context Menu

  1. Right-click on the folder you wish to delete from the Document Library.
  2. Select the "Delete" option from the context menu.

  3. Click "Ok" at the prompt.

Deleting a Folder by Drag-and-drop to the Recycle Bin

  1. Drag and drop the folder you wish to delete over to the Recycle Bin.

  2. Click "Ok" at the prompt.