Folder Creation

VaultAccess and VaultAdmin can create root level folders, which are folders directly underneath the "Document Library" folder. Owners can create Subfolders beneath the folders to which they have owner rights to, which ultimately must be given to them by other owners or VaultAccess/VaultAdmin users. Refer to the Folder Security topic for more information on the folder permissions.

When new folders are created at the root level, inheritance for the naming convention and for the retention rules will not be available. When creating subfolders, the inheritance options will be available if there is a naming convention in the parent folder. You can inherit or create naming conventions for a newly created folder. Security, approval routes, and index fields will be copied from a parent folder when a new folder is created.

When naming folders, allowed characters include Hyphens, underscores, periods, exclamation points, slashes, spaces, commas, parenthesis, and the @ symbol. Also, the name of the folder must not match the name of any folder in the same location on the folder structure. For example, a folder cannot be named "Purchases" beneath the "Manufacturing" folder, if there is already a folder named "Purchases" in the "Manufacturing" folder. However, the name can still be used even if there is a "Purchases" folder located in a different folder, such as the "Information Technology" folder. In short, two folders of the same name cannot exist in the same location.

To create a folder complete the following steps:

  1. Select Document Library to create folders at the top level, or select a folder or subfolder where you want the new folder to be created.

  2. Click on the New Folder tab.

  3. Key in pertinent information for setting properties for the folder. (Refer to Folder Properties for a description of each field on the folder creation screen.)

  1. Select Save & Close (or Save & New if you wish to create another folder in the same location).

Users can also right click on the Document Library, Folder, or Subfolder to create a folder at the various levels. Once the user right clicks, from the context menu they can select New Folder.