Document Views

For Folders:

VisualVault will display a list of documents when a folder is selected. This list will display columns and information according to the folder's set document view. The list will include the latest released or unreleased document for users depending on their permissions. Users who have editor rights or above will see the latest document revision. Viewers will only see the latest released document. Users can right click on any document in the list to navigate to various properties or configurations of the document. See Document - Context Menus for more information. Documents in the listing can be filtered or sorted to display needed documents.

By default, the document list view of a folder will display the number of rows per screen that a user has configured in My Preferences. If a folder contains more than 1000 documents, only the first 1000 will be visible when navigating from page to page. If users want to see documents above the first 1000 documents they need to filter the Document Listing view to display the exact documents they want to see. Users can filter in various combinations to narrow any number of documents down to a number that is manageable.

Document Filter View

Refer to the topic on search for more information.

Users can change document view to customize the information displayed in the document list of a specific folder in the document library. The Document Views manager is opened through the Folder Properties, and users can create or modify views through this manager. The process of creating a document view and setting a folder to use the view is outlined below.

Changing a Document View

The following steps will show how to create a Document View, and then how to set a folder to use the view:
  1. Navigate to the Folder Properties of the desired folder.
  2. Click on the Manage Document Views button.

  3. Click the New Document View button.

  4. Enter in the Name and Description for the Document View.
  5. Click Save.

  6. Click on the name of the Document View just created.

  7. Click the "Add a Column" button.

  8. Enter in the Display Name (name that will be displayed as the column header), Select a column type (Index Field or Database Column), then select the data to be displayed in the column from the Column drop-down menu.
  9. Hit Save if no more columns are needed, or hit Save and Add Another if more are desired.

  10. Close the two pop up windows and view the Folder Properties screen again.
  11. Select the Document View that was just created from the drop-down menu called Folder Display View. (The screen may need to be refreshed before the option becomes available)
  12. Save the Folder Properties.

  13. Clicking on the Document List tab will now display the documents in the folder according to the selected Document View. (In this case, the only column is the Doc ID, but views can have many different columns.)