Users and Licensing

User licenses in VisualVault are based on the number of enabled User ID's. You must have a user license for each enabled User ID in the system. Users that are disabled are not counted against the license. The "Public" user does not count as one of your user licenses. For ease of security administration, it is recommended that users are assigned to groups, then groups are used to assign user roles and permissions.

To modify a user, go to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Users, then select the user from the detailed view. Administrators can use filters to narrow the list of users displayed on the screen or to find a particular user to administer.

Disabling a User - Uncheck the User is Enabled check box on the Details tab.

Enabling a User -
Check the User is Enabled check box on the Details tab.

In order to maintain history logs for audit trail purposes, User ID's cannot be deleted from VisualVault, they can only be disabled.

Public User - The Public user is a default user set-up during the VisualVault installation. The Public user is to be used to provide public/anonymous access (i.e. no User ID required) to a document or form by assigning "Public" security access rights.

Removing the Public user or creating a group called public will not provide the public permissions that the default user provides in the system.

See How to Add a User and How to Import Users for more information on how to setup Users in VisualVault.