Preferences for how a user interfaces with VisualVault can be setup in two different places. They are as follows:

  • My Preferences - accessed by highlighting the User ID in the upper right hand corner of the VisualVault screen, then select My Preferences.

  • User ID Card Preferences Tab - supervisors and administrators can access through the User Admin screen.

Both screens have similar functionality and will be discussed below.

  • Default Start Page - allows the configuration of what page the user begins on when they log in to VisualVault.

  • Document Upload Defaults - default folder where the user usually uploads documents. Users are not restricted to this folder for uploading documents.

  • Default Grid Settings - number of rows that every page will display by default.

  • Default Quick Search - default search used when the user utilizes quick search.

  • Change Password- area where database users passwords can be changed. This is only available on My Preferences.

User Preferences view