User History

In order to meet the demands of compliance systems, user history displays the actions of a user or what administrators have configured that affect a user. This information is only available to Administrators and Supervisors within VisualVault. The list of history items can be narrowed by using the filter to retrieve pertinent information.

User History View

Columns Visible

  • Activity - Description of the activity logged for the user.

  • Date\Time - Time stamp of when the activity happened.

  • Type - Object where the activity happened.

  • Performed By - Who performed the activity. This may be either what the user did, or what an administrator did to the user account.

Information Stored

  • Login/Logoff

  • Workflow task completion

  • Items viewed

  • Security assigned to allow user access. Can be to groups, forms, documents, folders, etc.

  • Folder creation

  • Document check in/check out

  • Folder and Document moves or copy

  • Form data entry

  • User Properties Modified

This is a short list of items logged. There is a comprehensive audit trail for each user within VisualVault.