User Display Formats

By default, user names are displayed in VisualVault as they appear when the user logs in to the web application. The format of the name can be changed to help organizations that import cryptic user accounts from a Network Operating system. The configuration of the user name format is updated inside of the server settings of the Administrative Console. The VisualVault administrator should be contacted to make these changes.

The following are areas where you can configure how a user name appears:

  • User Name Format - determines how a user name appears in metadata, or after the user has logged in.

  • Log User Name Format - determines how the user name is formatted in logs and auditing.

  • Signature Format - determines how the user name is formatted on user id stamps of forms.

The following are the possible ways that a user name can appear for any of the configurations above:

  1. Display the User ID (default).

  2. Display as User Principle Name.

  3. First Name, Last Name.

  4. Email Address.