How to Modify Users

Configuration Administrators, Customer Administrators, VaultAdmin users, VaultAccess users, and Supervisors can modify user information. To modify user information:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Users.

  2. Filter for the user and select User ID link for the user you want to modify.

  3. Change relevant user information.

  4. Select Save.

Users may or may not be visible on the default screen.  This will depend on if the user is enabled, disabled or expired.  Utilize the filtering mechanism at the top of the screen to show the right groups of users.

If users are disabled, they are not counted towards the number of licenses used. Refer to User Details for an explanation of fields that can be changed on a User ID card.

You cannot modify user accounts that are administrative in nature. Accounts must be removed from administrative groups to change detail information.