How to Import Users

To import a group of users from Active Directory, Novell, or LDAP, navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Users and select User Import at the screen level menu. In order to complete the import, you must have access as an Administrator to any of these Network Operating Systems (NOS). When imports are completed, the LDAP paths and user names are compared to insure unique user names are created for each user imported. If the user already exists, or a unique user name already exists the targeted user will appear on the Conflicts Tab.

Before importing LDAP users, an LDAP profile needs to be setup .

User Import:

  1. Click on the profile name.

  2. Click Test Import on the Server Details tab. A message that says Authentication Passed if the LDAP configuration is setup correctly.

  3. Select Import Users tab.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the users you want to import.

  5. Select Import Selected. A message will tell you the import was successful.

The import will update the users with the LDAP path when the User ID matches. When users authenticate as an Active Directory type user, VisualVault passes the credentials to Active Directory and verifies with Active Directory's help that this is a valid user. By default VisualVault is setup to prompt for a login screen. Active Directory users can manually key in their password when VisualVault is in this mode.

When seeking to import from a Organizational Unit in the Active Directory, use DC=OUName to import from within a specific directory.

Users may select the check box to the left on the third level menu to select all users on the current screen for import.

Supervisors have the right to modify users, but they cannot import or delete users.