How to Add a User

The new user screen can be accessed by navigating to Control Panel -  Administration Tools - Users - New User. Only a VaultAdmin or VaultAccess type user can add users.

Add New User
  1. Enter the following information:
    • Login ID - This needs to be a Unique ID that the user will use when logging into VisualVault. Preferably the user's email address.

    • First Name.

    • Middle Initial (M.I.).

    • Last Name.

    • Home Site - This is a location established within VisualVault. Can act as a virtual divider between organization units within a company or physical locations.

    • Email Address.

    • Auto-generate password and send new account notification email - When selected, an automatically generated, cryptic password will be sent to the new user. If unchecked, the password fields appear to key in a password manually.

    • Password Never Expires - When checked, the password for the newly created user will never expire. (This can be turned on as a default for the system from Configuration Settings).

    • Must change password after next login - The user will receive an email with their password. When logging in, they will be prompted to change their password.

    • Password Expiration Date - This field only applies when Password Never Expires is unchecked.

    • Password and Password Confirmation.

  2. Select Save.
Add New User View

The following is an example of the new user screen with the auto-generate password turned off.

  1. Select the User ID from the User Administration grid.

User Details View
  1. Enter Login Information (Optional but recommended):

Enter User Expiration Information:

    • Expires On - Indicates the date the User ID will expire, this is an optional field. If used, the User ID will be disabled on this date. The purpose is to allow temporary access to The Vault.

    • User ID Never Expires - User this check box if you do not want the User ID to expire.

Enter Password Information:

    • Password Question - Not used at this time.

    • Password Answer - Not used at this time.

    • Expires On - Indicates the date the User's Password will expire (this date is used to drive the defined security process for changing user passwords). Notifications of impending expirations will be sent 14 days prior to expiration.

    • Password Never Expires - Use this check box if you do not want the User's Password to expire.

Enter Supervisor:

    • Select Supervisor Tab.

    • User selection window opens to assign Supervisor.

Modify Group Assignments: (How to Add a User to a Group)

    • Select Groups tab.

    • Select Manage Groups.

    • Select a Group from the list of Available Groups.

    • Select Add Groups.

  1. Select Save when all information is correctly entered.

See the installation guide for information on authentication types and how to configure VisualVault to support them.