HTML Control

The HTML Portal Control is a control that administrators can insert into the portal that can be formatted with custom HTML. This HTML can launch VisualVault forms, communicate special welcome messages, present help text, etc. To insert an HTML Portal control into the portal, complete the following steps:

Note: Administrators do not need to be experts in HTML to work with this control.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Portal Admin.
  2. Go to the Layout Designer.
  3. In the Select Portal Tab to Configure drop down list, find and select the portal tab where you want to insert the control.
  4. Select the button to add a new control.
  5. In the Select Module drop down list, select the HTML Editor.
  6. Key in a Display name that you want at the top of the control when the new control is displayed on the portal.
  7. Select the column where you want the control from the column drop down list.
  8. Key in the sequence or ordered placement where you want to see the control.
  9. Update the Module.
  10. Select Editor.

When the Open HTML Editor button is selected in the image above, the following screen will appear. Key in the text you want to see in the contol, insert images or apply hyperlinks to the items in the editor. For users who understand HTML, they can switch to the HTML tab on the bottom of the screen and modify the HTML code directly.

Note: The misspelled word indicator in the image below is a function of Firefox, not VisualVault.

The following are a list of images that may help in designing what you want in the HTML screen (If you highlight over each button, a pop up menu will show you the purpose of the button.):

- These buttons are used to Cut, Copy and Paste content in the editor window. If asked to allow these action in the browser, select Allow Access.

- When text is highlighted, the first button will walk you through setting up a link. The second button will remove a selected link.

- These buttons assist in inserting different types of image or movie type files.

- This button will conduct a spell check of the text typed into the editor.

- Selecting this button will walk you through inserting a table into the editor.

- These buttons help undo and redo actions that have just been recently completed.

- This toolbar allows for modification of text appearance.

Note: The gear in the upper right hand corner of the portal panel is only visible to VaultAccess users. The VaultAccess user can select the gear to configure the control on the fly without navigating to the portal admin screen.