Menu Action List

The Action List is a list of items that are configurable for each menu item within a Menu Set.

Some items in the above list have special fields to facilitate the configuration of the action. Other items have standard fields that are used on the majority of the Action Items. Refer to the topicDesigning a Menu Set Layout for more information on common fields for each Action item.

Access to each of the above items can be controlled through Menu Security. If Menu Security has been setup so everyone has open access to all menu items, users without administrative permissions will not be allowed to launch administrative screens. When designing a new Menu Set, all menu items added will not have security applied to them. All menu items will be visible to all users. To control what users see in the menu layout, assign groups to the menu item. Once a group is assigned to a menu item, only that group will have visibility to the menu item. Multiple groups can be assigned to view a menu item.