Enable a Menu Set

When VisualVault is installed, all users will see a default menu set until another menu set is created and set as the new default. In order to set a default menu for users to view, select the Make Default link for the Menu Set you want to enable in the Menu Library. In order to see the newly enabled menu set, users will need to log out and log back in to VisualVault.

You can determine which menu set is default by looking for the green check mark under the Active column. In the example screen image below, the "Default Menu" is currently active and the default menu set.

Menu Library View

Users can be assigned to only one menu set. It is important that administrators ensure that all users have been given correct access to the various menu items. Administrators can configure menu items so a user does not receive any menu options when they log in to VisualVault, or can configure the menu set to focus users on pertinent business processes.