Menu Administration

Menu Administration gives administrators the capability to organize the top VisualVault menu, showing users what they need to see within the application. This can help expose VisualVault functionality based upon the business processes that customers need to accomplish. Only VaultAccess users can modify menu layouts and publish them to the correct users. Menu Administration configures the top level main menu, not the context menus associated with various areas of VisualVault. Context Menus are configured when a Menu tab is available on the object like in the Form Template ID Card.

There is a default menu layout for first time uses logging into VisualVault. A default menu will be included in the Menu Library so that administrators can roll back to this default configuration. If Administrators lock themselves out of a menu configuration, they can key in the page MenuAdmin.aspx at the end of their VisualVault url after logging on. This will load the appropriate page to modify the menu layout.

To administer menus, the administrator needs to know the following pieces of information:

  1. What business functions need to be accomplished for each group of users?

  2. What functionality needs to be exposed to each user to accomplish their business function?

    • Do they need to see documents in the document library?

    • Do they need to fill in certain forms?

    • Do they need to see specific form data dashboards?

    • Are there projects that they need to see?

    • Are there any saved searches available for the user?

    • Are there any custom pages that need to be developed and published to users?

  3. Will a custom page, or portal need to be configured and set as the default page for the different user groups?

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