VaultAccess Group

This is a default group created during the VisualVault installation process. The first created user will be assigned to this group by default. The members of the VaultAccess group have Owner access to ALL documents, forms and reports in VisualVault. Users assigned to this group will also inherit special features to prevent them from being deleted, modified, or disabled. The following are a list of changes to the user that occur when they are added to this group:

  • Users cannot be deleted from VisualVault.

  • User accounts cannot be disabled.

  • User accounts will not be allowed to expire.

  • User accounts will not allow the password to expire but they will be prompted to change their password on a regular basis if this policy is enabled.

  • User type cannot be changed.

VisualVault will allow administrators to remove all users from the VaultAccess group except for one. It is recommended that administrators use great caution when doing this to ensure that they do not lock themselves out of VisualVault. Only members of the VaultAccess Group can assign other VaultAccess users to the group.