Assigning Security Best Practice

In order to promote the least amount of administration, it is recommended that administrators of VisualVault follow certain best practice guidelines. We believe that those guidelines will reduce administration when your business changes, or when users change responsibility within the company. Here are several rules that we suggest:

  1. Organize users into groups based upon security they need or roles within the company.

  2. When assigning security to an object, assign permissions to a group. We suggest this to reduce administration of security. If you assign a user to each folder in the document library, you will have to modify the security on each folder to remove that user. If you assigned that user to a group first, and then assigned security to the group, you only have to remove the user from the group. Removing the user from one location lessens the complexity of administration.

  3. Assign Groups to workflows as much as possible. This is the same principle as number 2 in this list.

We have seen customers benefit greatly from the above principles. Especially when companies have organized their groups based upon roles that employees assume within the company. If an employee becomes a purchaser, the administrator does not have to think about all the locations the new purchaser needs access. They simply need to assign the new purchaser to the purchaser group.