Scheduled Processes

Scheduled Processes administration is used to execute a web service at a given time interval. What would you use this part of the tool to do? You could create custom web services that look for information in VisualVault or other business systems, then as a result of what the web services have found, you can then fill in a VisualVault form, initiate a workflow, upload documents, reports, or what ever action you need to take in VisualVault with the help of the API. These web services can be .NET assemblies or web services. You can access the Scheduled Processes administration by going to Control Panel - Enterprise Tools - Scheduled Processes.  On that screen you will be able to schedule processes, delete, as well as determine if the web services have been executing. 

Schedule a Process

In order to schedule an web service, you first need to register the web service in the Web Services Admin screen. Once it is registered, then go to Scheduled Processes Administration and select Add Scheduled Process.

The following are explanations about each field:
  • Schedule Process Name - this field contains the name associated to explain what was scheduled.

  • Description - description of the scheduled process.

  • Enable this Process to Run - when checked the scheduled process will execute, when unchecked the schedule will be disabled.

  • Scheduled Start Date - the date that the process is scheduled to start executing.

  • Scheduled Start Time - the time that the process is scheduled to start executing.

  • Recurring Process - this setting is enabled by default. When unchecked the process will only run once. This setting needs to be checked for the process to run repeatedly.

  • Repeat Every - configure in these fields how often the scheduled process will execute. The units of frequency that can be scheduled are minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

  • Select Outside Process - select the outside process registered in the Outside Process Admin that will be executed on the configured schedule.

The Test Outside Process link will execute the outside process to test that it is configured correctly and that it can be called correctly.

Delete a Scheduled Process

To delete a scheduled process, select the check box to the left of the scheduled record. Then select the Delete Selected button.