Page Viewer

The page viewer control gives the capability of linking users to web pages internal or external to VisualVault. This control is helpful when you are brining together a business process into one area of VisualVault, or it is helpful if users need quick access to an external web application.

To insert the form list control the owner will:

  1. Go to a Project or to a form template and then go to the Menu Tab.

  2. Select the Tabs options from the first drop down menu

  3. Select VisualVault Custom Controls from the Module drop down.

  4. Select Page Viewer control from the Available Modules list.

  5. Select the add button to assign the module to the tabs. An item that says New Item: Page Viewer will appear.

  6. Select the New Item: Page Viewer to configure the module.

  7. Change the Displayed Text field to be the title you wish to appear on the Tab of the Project, Custom Page or form.

  8. Select the type of users you want to see this new tab.

  9. Key in the title that you want to appear above the linked page.

  10. Key in the URL for the external page.

  11. Key in the width that you want for displaying the linked URL

  12. Key in the height that you want for displaying the linked URL

  13. Select whether you want scroll bars if the width and height are not enough space for the linked URL

  14. Select Update.

The configuration page for the Form Listing control looks like the following:

Page Viewer Configuration View