Document List

The Document List Control facilitates the capability of displaying focused sets of documents brought together based on a Saved Search. Users who will view the document list do not need to have access to the Saved Search to view the results of the Document List. They do need access to the documents none the less. To configure this control administrators will need to create the saved search, determine who they want it sorted, and how they want the information grouped.

To insert the document list control the owner will:

  1. Go to a Project or to a form template and then go to the Menu Tab.

  2. Select the Tabs options from the first drop down menu

  3. Select VisualVault Custom Controls from the Module drop down.

  4. Select Document List control from the Available Modules list.

  5. Select the add button to assign the module to the tabs. An item that says New Item: Document List will appear.

  6. Select the New Item: Document List to configure the module.

  7. Change the Displayed Text field to be the title you wish to appear on the Tab of the Project, Custom Page or form.

  8. Select the type of users you want to see this new tab.

  9. Select the Saved Search from the Linked to Saved search drop down.

  10. Select Update.

  11. Select the columns that you want to appear in the document list.

  12. Organize the columns to an appropriate order of appearance.

  13. Select the field that should be used to sort the information.

  14. Select the Group By mechanism if pertinent.

  15. Check the Add group by field name to each group separator if you want a description describing each group in the output.

The configuration page for the Document List control looks like the following:

Document List configuration View

There may be various other buttons below the Update button on this control. Those buttons are there for future use and are not currently used.