Sites or Locations

Site is the term used to describe a company, customer, or supplier location. Company, supplier, and customer locations serve one basic function; they allow you to segregate users. Segregating means that users in one location only see other users that belong to the same location unless they are specifically granted additional access. User segregation allows you to support multiple customers, suppliers, and company locations within the same database. You can also delegate administrative privileges to owners of a location.

When adding users you will be asked to assign them to a location.

Users in the VaultAccess Group see all users regardless of location. The VaultAccess group provides full, unrestricted access to all data stored in the vault. Users can also be placed in the VaultAdmins group which provides access to various administrative tools but does not provide unrestricted access to data. Locations cannot be deleted if users belong to those locations. Users may also be moved from location to location.

How to add a location

To create a Company Location, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Site Administration: Locations.

  2. Click on New Location.

  3. Enter the Location Name and Location Description (these may be the same).

  4. Select Save and Close. If you have multiple locations to add select Save Details to continue with the entry.

Add New Location View

These steps also apply to creating a new entry for Customers and Suppliers.

Move users between locations

As users are created within VisualVault, they are assigned to a site or location. Users must reside in a single site or location to be created. If users were created in the wrong site, or they need to be moved to a different site or location, they can be moved by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel - Administration Tools - Users to see which site the user was assigned to when it was created.

  2. Navigate to Administration Tools - Site Administration: (Location, Customer, or Supplier) - and then select the site where the user is assigned.

  3. Select the Users Tab.

  4. Select the check box next to the users you want to move.

  5. Select the Move Members button in the top left hand corner.

  6. Select the site where the members should be moved.

  7. Select the Move button.

Once the move button has been selected, the user will be moved from the current site to the selected site. An Audit entry will be placed in the users account indicating that they were moved from one site to another. An entry will also be placed in the History of both sites that a user was moved between the sites.