Game Changing Solutions for Healthcare Operations
Specializing in the consolidation and retirement of legacy EMR systems,
licensure management, and chart acquisition applications.

VisualVault’s SaaS Solutions Deliver
Data and document intensive processes for healthcare organizations

Legacy Data Archivessae-hipaa-aicpa-soc

Shed the cost and complexity of legacy EMRs.

Are you paying to maintain data in more than one Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system? Legacy EMR systems are expensive to maintain and the patient data that resides within them is difficult to access.

Our Legacy Data Archive solution allows you consolidate patient records from multiple EMRs under a single platform – making all records easily searchable and accessible – and allowing you to retire those legacy systems that are both a human resources and financial drain.

Within our Legacy Data Archive, you can review all information assets, regardless of format, in one place – in real time. This is the complete view of a patient’s medical history that you deserve – and that your patients deserve.

Licensure Management

Improved management of employee and professional credentials..

Healthcare organizations must maintain an accurate record of the licenses and certifications that each of their practitioners possesses and the training that each receives.

VisualVault offers a Licensure Management
Solution that delivers:

  • Centralized management of practitioner certificates, licenses, training and competency
  • Automated notifications to supervisors and employees before credentials expire
  • Insight-based reporting
  • Workflow solutions that validate licenses and track sanctions
  • Reports and audit trails that dramatically simplify audits

Chart Aquisition Platform

Automated chart collection, analysis and routing.

The VisualVault Chart Acquisition Platform is designed to improve the efficiency of claims processing and billing by helping hospitals & related support organizations streamline the capture of chart information and leverage this data to produce completed patient charts.

This solution quickly captures enormous quantities of structured and unstructured chart data and intelligently leverages it; populating requisite areas of a patient’s medical chart.

Employing this technology, health systems can ensure that consolidated patient charts are accurate and complete before they are delivered to insurers or billing. This accuracy yields lower rates of writeoffs, accelerated collection times, fewer filing denials and minimizes patient visits that aren’t billable.

Our Chart Acquisition Platform also gives administrators the ability to gain insights into the overall performance of a claims department; allowing them to identify areas for business optimization.

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