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VisualVault transforms business processes quickly and cost effectively streamlining data and document
intensive processes with uniquely configured software as a service solutions (SaaS).

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Old approaches are not working. You need effective SaaS solutions which are delivered faster than ever before with flexible pricing. Integration with existing systems is a must. Discover how VisualVault can transform business operations for healthcare, human resources, and government agencies.


Industry specific solutions designed to complement existing line of
business applications.


Intelligent web forms, workflow, content management. Designed for high volume, data intensive processes.


Creative (pay for consumption) pricing configured to your specific business automation requirements.

VisualVault News

  • vv_logo_diamond VisualVault Announces New Offline iForms to Enhance Inspections, Investigations and Other Field Services

    Offline iForms untether Inspectors, Service Agents and others from the internet.

    VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management(ECM) software company, introduces Offline iForms. Offline iForms is a derivative of VisualVault’s SaaS-based iForm technology that incorporates intelligence behind form fields in order to deliver faster, more accurate data collection and processing. The Offline iForms product frees field personnel to conduct business regardless of internet availability.

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    Author: Jason Hatch
  • vv_logo_diamond VisualVault Expands Partner Program to Professional Employment Organizations

    VisualVault Partner Program focuses on scalability and additional revenue streams for PEOs.

    TEMPE, Ariz. (PRWEB) June 13, 2017  VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, is continuing to expand the reach of its Global Partner Program to include Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs).

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    Author: Jason Hatch
  • vv_logo_diamond VisualVault Expands Team and Focus on the Human Resources Market by Naming Director of Channel Sales.

    VisualVault Expands Team and Focus on the Human Resources Market by Naming Director of Channel Sales.

    David Donahue named Director, Channel Sales for VisualVault’s growing global partner program for Cloud Based, Business Process Automation (BPA)/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

    TEMPE, Ariz., April 27th, 2017 - VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, has named David Donahue as Director of Channel Sales. VisualVault’s cloud-based SaaS application serves as a BPA platform and provides partners with a robust platform that accommodates a high level of customization of functionality that is important to the Human Resources market. This has successfully enabled partners to quickly and cost effectively transform document and data intensive processes that no longer support department service levels and performance goals.

    David earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. He brings a strong blend of technology and Human Resources experience to VisualVault.  David has held several key roles with cloud-based technology companies, as well HR industry icons Kronos and ADP. His extensive experience working with partners gives him an invaluable perspective of how to build a partner program for VisualVault that serves the business interests of all parties.

    “The entire team at VisualVault is excited to have David join us.” said Steve Leichtman, CEO of VisualVault. “I’m confident that his experience, strong work ethic and the insights he brings will result in great traction for VisualVault in this important market..”

    VisualVault’s multi-tenant platform provides partners solid core functionality highlighted by Intelligent Forms, Workflow, e-Signature and core ECM document management capabilities. In addition, VisualVault’s unique licensing model enables partners to meet their client’s requirements of crafting a SaaS-based solution that solves their unique requirements. VisualVault’s ability to meet market expectations of a SaaS solution (quick to implement, easy to change, and charges for what is consumed) has led to high levels of growth and interest from potential global partners.

    David Donahue, Director Channel Sales, comments, “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help build our partner program in the Human Resources market. The forward-looking direction of the VisualVault product roadmap, focus on an easy to configure platform and experienced executive leadership collectively provide a compelling story for partners and a real opportunity for them to grow their business using the VisualVault platform.”

    VisualVault continues to focus on expanding its partner global network in 2017 and beyond. The flexible platform, scalability in the cloud and extensive APIs are fundamental to attracting partners that understand the value of building their own vertical market solutions on top of this robust platform.


    About VisualVault

    Founded in 2009, VisualVault is a private, Arizona-based, Business Process Automation (BPA)/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company specializing in the automation of data and document intensive processes for the enterprise. It is the developer of  VisualVault®, a cloud-based application including Intelligent Forms (i-Forms) which automates, as well as validates both structured and unstructured data. These i-Forms streamline manual data entry and routing processes to boost overall productivity and accelerate business results.

    VisualVault enables its clients to search and present content in a contextual manner configured for their specific business requirements, improving adoption through flexibility and ease of use. VisualVault's integrated platform standardizes user data so it may be accessed, viewed and used across an enterprise providing users with live dashboards for end-to-end reporting, analysis and decision making. VisualVault’s mission is transforming our client’s processes quickly and cost effectively without replacing expensive core legacy systems by streamlining data and document intensive processes with our uniquely configured software that is delivered as a service.


    Press Contact: Jason Hatch

    Director of Partner Services
    Phone: 480-308-4400 x225

    Author: Administrator

Industry News

Business Process Automation: How Can It Benefit You And Your Business - (press release) (registration)
Business Process Automation: How Can It Benefit You And Your Business - (press release) (registration)
August 12, 2017

Business Process Automation: How Can It Benefit You And Your Business (press release) (registration)
Leveraging technology to automate workflows is what Business Process Automation (BPA) is all about. The objective of BPA is to reduce human intervention as much as possible to save time and money. “Side effects” such as improved service levels and cost ...

Author: "Business process automation" - Google News
HRExaminer v8.31
HRExaminer v8.31
August 7, 2017
John Sumser Kicks Off a Series on Culture this week. John Writes, “Culture Is the Aggregate of the Experience of All Stakeholders. The Largest Single Element, by Far, Is Employee Experience.” Read, Culture? 1.

Paul Hebert Is Sure to Get You Thinking in His Article, Employee Engagement is About Making Things Harder for Employees, Not Easier.

John Sumser Went to School at The MIT Media Lab and Shares His Class Notes In, People Analytics: MIT July 24, 2017.

There Is No Shortage of Forgettable Email Solicitations From HR and Recruiting Vendors. John Sumser Explains How the Best Ones Don’t Try to Sell You Anything at All. Read, How To Do It.

HRIntelligencer 1.10 Highlights: When Will Automation Reach Your Industry?, How to Understand Machine Learning Adoption in the Enterprise, What Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Need to Know About Machine Learning, Who Earns the Most in the Gig Economy?, Plus More.

On Episode 132 of HR Tech Weekly: John Sumser’s New Report on Artificial Intelligence, Stacey Harris Appointed to IHIRM Board, SyncHR Get $16 Million in Funding Led by NEA, Efficient Forms Announces Partnership With AltaLink Capital, and Facebook’s Plan to Convince Businesses Workplace Beats Slack and Microsoft Teams.

John Sumser talks with Eileen Clegg, A Visual Journalist and Founder of the Company, Visual Insight. She Is Known for Her Visual Facilitation of Human Interactions, and for Her History Timeline Murals. Listen to HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 26 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser Talks With Dr. Dale A. Masi, Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland. Dr. Masi Is the Author of Fifteen Books and More Than Seventy Articles Dealing With EAPs, Evaluation, and Various Mental Health Issues. Listen to Big Ideas Radio.
Author: John Sumser
10 Cities Taking a Nature-Driven Approach to Innovation
10 Cities Taking a Nature-Driven Approach to Innovation
August 7, 2017
Portland, Ore.'s Pearl District

It’s not enough for the country’s most advanced and sophisticated cities to be at the forefront of technological innovation with “smart” parking meters or informational kiosks. They also need to be sustainable and show an ability to preserve natural areas, according to Anil Ahuja, an engineering professional regarded as the “Smart Cities Guru” and author of the 2016 book Integration of Nature and Technology for Smart Cities.

Ahuja has compiled the Top Ten U.S. Cities Integrating Nature & Technology report to highlight which cities are leaders at balancing new technology with good nature policies.

“A smart city doesn’t just provide technology or economic solutions,” he said in a statement. “The smartest cities in the world are integrating nature to create a truly sustainable city. I have identified a number of cities in the United States that are excellent examples for other smart cities to model themselves after.”

The cities were selected based on four factors key to a thriving, vibrant city, according to a press release:

Social – quality of life. Does the city implement technology to optimize opportunity, such as green roofs, green facades, bike lanes, healthy food markets, efficient health-care facilities and biophilic design? Economic – quality jobs. Does the city attract and retain top tier talent and attract high-tech industries and investments? Environmental – quality air and water. Does the city have adequate amounts of green space to improve air quality and the right green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff? How does the city utilize technology for more efficient water and energy usage? Technology – ease of communication. Does the city utilize technology to speed up the flow of information?

Ahuja's list includes Boston, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020, and to be carbon-neutral by 2050. The city also uses its residents as sensors; apps such as Street Bump allow motorists to collect road conditions while they drive, while the Citizens Connect app allows Boston residents to report public issues directly from their smartphones into the city’s work order management system, which routes it immediately to the right person in City Hall to fix the problem.

And in Seattle, which was called out for being a pioneer and leader in establishing and increasing the adoption of green standards, the city has numerous programs to improve energy efficiency, largely through green development policies and building standards.

The Green Building Sustainable Communities Program, for example, creates projects that meet sustainable outcomes. The city also provides tax breaks, loans and other incentives to businesses and residences that utilize green practices.

In 2016, Seattle eliminated departmental silos and consolidated technology professionals from 15 departments into one, which has led to better collaboration and improved efficiencies. The city developed its Next Generation Data Center, which in part, brought together servers from disparate locations.

“Through IT consolidation we focused on how we could share infrastructure to reduce costs and operate more efficiently,” Seattle Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller told Government Technology. “As a result, the project came in more than $2 million under budget and we were able to effectively introduce new technologies like hyper-converged infrastructure and cloud solutions that help our staff deploy solutions more quickly.”

And Orlando, Fla., was recognized for its approach to smart operation of transportation, security and emergency management, and energy waste reduction programs. More specifically, it has retrofitted 28 public buildings to enable real-time energy consumption tracking which has led to an average 31 percent reduction in annual utility costs.

“Many of the retrofits included advanced controls that enable facility managers to track energy consumption in real time and to receive notifications when large systems like chillers or condensing units are using abnormal amounts of energy, allowing facility staff to quickly address problems,” according to the report.

Portland, Ore., promotes energy efficiency through a number of residential, commercial and government initiatives. It was the first city to create a local action plan to reduce carbon emissions. Portland aims to reduce emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.

Ahuja's top cities for integrating nature and technology listed alphabetically are:

Boston – Engaging its citizens through crowdsourced mobile technology to enable smart government. Chicago – Leveraging data to make cities healthier, more efficient and more livable. Los Angeles – Leveraging big data, mobile and cloud based technologies to save energy and improve efficiency. New York – Maximizing real-time traffic information to reduce congestion, improve the flow of traffic and decrease carbon emissions. Orlando – Recognized for its approach to smart operation of transportation, security and emergency management and energy waste reduction programs. Portland, Ore. – Investing in IoT sensor networks and leveraging smart agriculture applications and big data to benefit the local region. San Diego – Adopting the Climate Action Plan, which will improve public health and air quality, conserve water, and use current resources more efficiently. San Francisco – Multiple initiatives including waste reduction, electric car charging and building performance optimization. Seattle – A pioneer and leader for establishing and increasing the adoption of green standards. Washington, D.C. – A leader in smart mobility and for its ratio of park acres to citizens.

Ahuja did not respond to Government Technology's interview requests.

Author: Skip Descant
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